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For no obligation enquiries, please feel free to contact us for a realistic assessment of your case and the best way to resolve it.

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Telephone Advice


For a fixed fee, a specialist Motor Lawyer will call you to discuss all aspects of your case. You will receive a 15 minute telephone appointment and a follow-up detailed email outlining the advice given and/or action required.

  • Reviewing your case & process
  • Deciding on Plea
  • Advice about the offence

Telephone Advice

Plea of Mitigation


Following a detailed telephone discussion with a specialist Motor Lawyer, we will supply a bespoke Plea of Mitigation. The submission will deal with all aspects of the case, is personalised for your circumstances and will significantly improve your prospects of concluding the case on the best available terms. The cost of this service should pay for itself by reducing the fine.

  • Bespoke Mitigation
  • Save time / hassle
  • Advice on Statement of Means

Plea of Mitigation

Attending Court

from £354

You will be required to attend Court if you:

  • Face disqualification
  • Have Special Reasons
  • Dispute severity of offence
  • Plead not guilty

Following a detailed discussion with you, Motor Lawyers will prepare the case fully, guide you through the Court process and prepare the case fully in advance of the hearing.

Motor Lawyers

Motor Lawyers is the specialist online legal advice service for motoring offences. Since 2004, we have only dealt with motoring allegations and have represented thousands of drivers, helping them retain their licence, challenge offences or minimise penalties.

Client Tesimonials

"Thank you for your prompt, succinct and helpful response. Great service Motor Lawyers. I will definitely recommend your services to colleagues / friends."

"Thank you very much for the summary. I would like to say how useful I found this service. My girlfriend made the Google search and suggested I call and that was the best thing I did. It is really helpful to have things explained. It has given me peace of mind."

"I received a £80 fine and 3 points following your letter. Thanks for all your help. A very helpful, professional service that was well worth the money."

"Thank you for the letter, great work. It was accepted by the court and I am very pleased with the result, given the circumstances.

Brilliant service from you guys, I really appreciate what you did for me."

"I just wanted to let you know I was successful in my submission and I was not disqualified. I want to thank you for your valued guidance and assistance throughout the process.

What validated the cost of your fees even more, was that there was a defendant who appeared in front of the magistrate just before me with almost identical circumstances. His submission was poor and unprepared and obviously he had not had the support your company have given me. As a result he lost his licence for six months.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services should anyone else find themselves in a similar position. Once again thanks for all your efforts."